Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa Makes Sure Your Privacy Is Not At Risk?

Here at Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us!

We collect very personal data from our clients for the purposes of attaining mortgage approvals for them.  This means we have a phenomenal responsibility to each of them.

This week an article appeared in the Toronto Star about the breach of privacy in handling the files of mortgage clients.  We want to assure you that when dealing with our office, you will never see another client’s information, and that means no one will ever see yours!

We work in a highly organized environment making sure that files are all housed in cabinets and they are stowed away each evening.  We never have files in plain view of anyone who comes into our building.  As a mater of fact, we only have the files we are actively working on at our desks.  All others are in appropriate file cabinets

We also have a security system in our building.  The alarm is on at all times when we leave the building. We have a voice communication alarm system for added security. The police would be called right away if there should ever be a problem.

We use a secure intranet connection to transfer data from our on-line application to our mortgage software.  It is controlled by Mortgage Intelligence and Filogix and meets the highest standards for client privacy.

We encourage you to ask questions when you use look for a mortgage. Does the person taking your information work from their home office? Do they have a security system?

If they are mobile agents, how do they make sure your information is safe if they leave your file in their car?

The incidence of identity theft is real and it’s growing faster then you can imagine!

Be safe, be sure!  Call “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor”.  Get back on your financial feet with great rates and terms when you need a mortgage. Call today and protect your Privacy!


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