Part 3 How Does Debt Settlement Work?

This is part 3 of a 6 part series on Debt Settlement. Please check back for more information on Debt Settlement.

How Does It Work?

You complete the form on this site and you will then have the assistance of a Debt Settlement professional.  They will make contact with your creditors on your behalf once your application is reviewed.  This will stop the harassing calls and eliminate your stress.

Read MoreThey will use their resources to approach your creditors with the intention of reducing your current debts by as much as 60% (this amount will vary depending on the credit grantor). Then once all creditors agree on a settlement amount, one new source of credit will replace all former credit.  This will result in a lower payment and the ability to pay down the principal amount so you can become debt free..

Did you know that credit cards are Amortized over 32 years? If you have a balance and you pay only the minimum payment each month, it would take 32 years to be debt free!!

Bad Credit is like a cold, it can be treated and before you know it your credit score will be better.  Think of “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” as your “Good Credit “health care providers! Call us today feel better soon.  Contact us right now!


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