Part 4 What is the Benefit of Debt Settlement To Me?

This is part 4 of a 6 part series on Debt Settlement. Please check back for more information on Debt Settlement.

Debt Settlement- What are the Benefits To Me?

  • Fist of all we make the creditor calls STOP!
  • You will receive a Free assessment of your options
  •  You are not obligated to complete the service
  • You pay a fee only if we complete the service.
  • Your payments will be reduced
  • Your credit will be reduced by as much as 60%
  • You will have one manageable payment
  • You can select the debts you wish to pay off
  • It does not impact your credit for 7 years like Bankruptcy
  • You will begin rebuilding your credit right away
  • You will be assisted by a licensed professional

Bruised credit doesn’t mean you can’t get help with a mortgage!  Let the experience and knowledge of “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” work for you.  We’ll help you rebuild your credit if that’s what’s standing in the way of your approval! Contact us today, get back on your financial feet tomorrow!


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