CMHC’s Mortgage Consumer Survey Says Use of Mortgage Brokers is up in Canada!

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s 2009 Mortgage Consumer Survey, mortgage brokers represent 35% of total origination transactions in 2009. These transactions include young Canadians and 44% of first-time home buyers.

How to tell if you are in Financial Trouble!

Are you in Financial Trouble? There are many common signs that you might be over looking when it comes to your financial situation. Some common signs would be credit cards maxed out, unopened mail piling up, can’t sleep, missed payments etc.

Credit Counselling in Ontario!

If you are unsure of what Credit Counselling will do for you, here is an overview of what to expect; initial consultation, collection of financial information, explanation of all options availbale to you, decide which option is best and starting the process.

Debt Settlement in Ontario!

If you are thinking about filing for Bankruptcy you should consider all your options first one being debt settlement. You will be able to reduce the amount of debt you have as well as pay off your creditors within a period of time.

Is Your Bad Credit Score Costing You Thousands When You Need A Mortgage?

Your bad credit may cost you Thousands of dollars when you apply for a mortgage. Have you been declined for financing? The Mortgage Doctor can prescribe a cure. Your Beacon Score determines the rate you are offered by National Lenders. Get the low rate you deserve contact your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor today!