Credit Counselling in Ontario!

If you want to:

Stop the collection calls

Combine your multiple payments into one affordable monthly payment

Reduce or completely eliminate high interest rates on existing debts

Get rid of any late charges and overdraft fees.

Read MoreThe process of credit counselling includes the following:

  1. An initial consultation which will include a series of questions being asked in order to get a full understanding of your current debt problems and how they all started.
  2. The collection of all financial information will be reviewed and the counselor will prepare a detailed budget for you based on your income, assets, and expenses. This is done to show you the difference between the money you spend and then amount you make either month or annually.
  3. Next the councellor will fully explain all of the option available to you in order to fix your present situation. This is where their expertise and knowledge will come into play and they will give their recommendation as to which option they believe will work best for you.
  4. Finally once you have identified and selected the most appropriate solution for your situation the councellor will help you though the entire process.

If you’re discharged from a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal, you’ve paid your dues, it’s time to let “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” help you get approved for a mortgage and get the home you deserve! We’re here to help!  Contact us now.


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