How to tell if you are in Financial Trouble!

Are you in Financial Trouble?

When you are having financial problems you know it but often you are not aware of how dire things have gotten. Below you will find a list of some common signs that all could potentially point to financial trouble.

  •  You don’t want to answer the phone in fear it will be a bill collector
  •  There is a pile of unopened mail sitting on your table that you do not want to open
  •  Your credit cards are always “maxed out”
  •  You take out a cash advance from one credit card to pay off another
  •  You worry about you debt payments and cannot sleep
  •  You have missed one or more loan payments or mortgage payments
  •  You have a payday loan or a loan from a finance company at a high interest rate
  •  You are getting calls at home and work from collection agents
  • You have been threatened with legal actions by collection agencies

If one or more of these situations sound like you then you should seek the help of a Professional.  Perhaps a Mortgage Broker can help refinance your existing mortgage to clear up multiple debts into one more manageable payment.  If things have gotten to the point that a refinance is no longer an option it may be a benefit to consider a Debt Settlement. We provide the service to all our clients since it may be a way to avoid Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy. Just contact us and we’ll help you determine if it’s for you.

In a world of “NO”…. let “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” at Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa get you to “YES”!  Our years of experience and vast resources have helped so many clients get the approval they needed! Contact us today!


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