Bruised Credit! Let the Durham Region Mortgage Doctor Make It All Better!

If your credit score is low because you have too much high interest debt, or you have made late payments in the past due to job loss, illness or divorce, the Mortgage Doctor can show you how to rebuild your bruised credit.

What You Need To Know About Bankruptcy

Some basic facts about being in Bankruptcy and some other options in Ontario include, the Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal rate has increased by 30.4% in 2009 from those numbers in 2008. Some other options include, consumer proposal, debt consolidation loan or debt settlement.

Bankruptcy- Your Bad Credit Solution and Your Duties to Your Trustee and Creditors!

Bankruptcy is a way to stop collections agencies from calling. It can relive you of debt, but you must meet with creditors, surrender your credit cards, file income tax returns, attend credit counseling and report your living expenses. You can begin re-building your credit right after being discharged from Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal.

Bad Things Happen To Good People! The Mortgage Doctor Can Change That!

Divorce, illness, job loss can all lead to bad or poor credit. Mortgage Intelligence has the power and resources to bring mortgage solutions to their clients. Mortgage Doctor is a team of to top Mortgage Brokers in Durham Region, with the experience help you through a financial crisis.

Debt Restructuring – It Pays to Have a Plan! Refinance Your Way to A Low Rate Mortgage

Have numerous sources of consumer debt makes it hard to pay more than interest only. Let Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor create a plan to refinance high interest rate debts into one low rate monthly payment. We have the Lenders, knowledge, experience and the resources at Mortgage Intelligence.

Call The Durham Region Mortgaage Doctor If Your Lender Won’t Renew Your Mortgage!

The Mortgage Doctor in Oshawa helps Homeowners who can’t get a Mortgage Renewal from their Sub-Prime Lenders.
Over 50 national lenders offers mortgages even when a Bank won’t! In Toronto and the GTA including Durham, we can help!