Call The Durham Region Mortgaage Doctor If Your Lender Won’t Renew Your Mortgage!

If your existing Mortgage is with a Sub-Prime lender because you had a credit issue in the past, you may find yourself not being able to renew it today! Many of the U.S. based mortgage companies that helped Canadians with less than perfect credit have left the Canadian Mortgage place!

Recently I have spoken to a number of homeowners who were told they needed to find a new mortgage company to take over when their mortgage is up for renewal.  This is leaving many people in a very difficult situation.

If your credit is much improved, you will likely find a good interest rate at renewal, but if you are sure things have not changed a great deal from the time you took the higher interest rate mortgage, you may need extra help!  That’s where we can help.

We are a team of full time licensed mortgage agents working with  the largest Mortgage Brokerage in Canada. We have access to over 50 Lender including many excellent Private Lenders.  Don’t allow yourself to be put in the position of having to sell your home, talk to one of us first.  ” Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” is here to help. Contact us today.


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