Bad Things Happen To Good People! The Mortgage Doctor Can Change That!

“Your Durham Region Mortgage Solutions Team” is partnered with TDFS known as Toronto Dominion Financial Services and several other Canadian Lenders to provide mortgage options to those who are in Consumer Proposal.  This is an opportunity that may appeal to anyone who wishes to pay out their proposal early using equity in their home.

A TDFS mortgage will also help re-establish credit right away. While this may not be the right financial solution for everyone, we are happy to discuss your individual financial situation with the idea of giving you options.
We offer this “Complimentary Consultation”  without obligation to proceed unless you feel that it’s right for you. Isn’t it worth a call or a click to find out what your options are?

If you have had a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal we want to help you!

Clients who have had to undergo Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy can be helped to re-establish credit and to pay out the Proposal after 1 year in some cases. Those who have had a Bankruptcy must be discharged for a minimum of 2 years with select Lenders. We do however have a source that will consider those who have been discharged for 1 day.

Our goal is to assist those clients who wish to get back on their financial feet after either Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy.

We have several methods available to us through the various Lenders that we work with. Some will pay out a Proposal after as little as 1 year provided that the client has a clean repayment history with the Trustee.

The benefit to a client is they can pay out the remaining proposal and close their account with the Trustee. This can save thousand in payments to the Trustee. And the re-establishment of credit can begin right away.

We are committed to assisting clients to re-establish their credit as soon as possible through resources available to us through our business partners.

We have access to several secured credit card sources in order to do so.  This helps clients get back into lower cost borrowing sooner.

Allow us to get back on your financial feet sooner!  Please contact us at our office, by phone 905-443-0197 or visit us online at DurhamRegionMortgageDoctor.


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