Having Trouble Making Mortgage Payments?

CMHC Default Management

When you Need Help CMHC is There

Homeowner Default ManagementUnforeseen financial circumstances can impact a borrower’s ability to repay their mortgage loan.  With early intervention, cooperation and a well-executed default management plan, lenders and borrowers can work together to find a winning solution.

CMHC’s “Dealing with Mortgage Payment Difficulties” helps to prepare and educate homeowners on when and how to approach their lender to discuss the financial difficulties they may be facing in the repayment of their mortgage loan.

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When a situation is not understood a solution can’t be reached. “Your Durham Mortgage Solutions Team” understands how to deal with less than perfect credit.  Let us help you get a mortgage approval when others fail to help. We have the power of Mortgage Intelligence behind us! We also have the experience to use it! Contact us now!


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