Are You Being Scammed on Kijiji?

Don’t Be Scammed!

I recently used Kijijji to sell a few household items and I received the weirdest emails from 2 individuals. They asked for personal information, they offered to buy the items site unseen and they wanted to arrange shipping and Paypal payments.  Both inquiries were filled with poor spelling and grammar. Then I saw an article in the Toronto Sun warning of scams through Kijiji.  Here’s a list to guide you so you don’t get scammed!

Link to article is below.

Some possible signs of a scam on Kijiji would include but are not limited to the following.

  1. Person of interest is not local
  2. Person of interest doesn’t do phone calls either
  3. The price is unbelievably low
  4. Person of interest does not want to see a big ticket item before buying it
  5. Insist on using Paypal and Paypal only
  6. Their story is very detailed
  7. They want things done really quick
  8. Stay away from people who want items to be shipped to Nigeria or Africa
  9. They want your personal information
  10. If they require money up front before the transaction can be completed
  11. If they mention they are using the Ebay Vehicle Purchase Protection Program unless you are actually on Ebay.

For a more detailed description of possible signs of a scam on Kijiji please read the full article.

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