Give Me Credit After Bankruptcy….

Bankruptcy.  What You Probably Don’t Know!

You can begin rebuilding your credit the day after being discharged from Bankruptcy.  Its true! You can even apply for a mortgage 1 day after discharge.  You just need to understand the conditions that apply to this type of mortgage.  You might be surprised how easy it is if you have the right guidance.Every day in my busy mortgage practice I speak to individuals who have filed Bankruptcy.  No one does this if there is another way out of financial difficulty.

These people have suffered a job loss, accident or injury, even divorce. Regardless of the reason Bankruptcy was their only option!  Once discharged they have shared their stories with me.   When they call to ask for help to re-establish their credit or apply for a mortgage, they have been told to come back in seven years or worse yet, hung up on.  Do you find this shocking?  I do. Especially since you can begin re-establishing credit day one!

Happily if they found their way to us, we help them! We offer assistance in re-building credit the day after “Discharge”.   Some folks even qualify for a mortgage right away! As experienced Mortgage Agents, we have the tools and resources to get them back on their financial feet one day post-Bankruptcy.  We never judge a person who’s had a difficultly because this recession has pulled the rug out from under many a financially sound family.

Consumer Proposal. What You Need To Know!

Did you know you can re-finance your home while you are in Consumer Proposal?

Once again, its true!  In Consumer Proposal and if you have not missed a payment for at least 1 year you can refinance and pay out your proposal if you have enough equity.

Once again you can begin to re-establish your credit the day after being discharged from a Consumer Proposal!  You just need a helping hand.  At this point it must be said that many major lenders will not offer credit to a person who is post-Bankruptcy or in Consumer Proposal. It’s their policy. This is where the experience and the right tools a Mortgage Agent has can make the difference.

We know you can turn to just about anyone for a mortgage if you have great credit.  But if you’ve been through Bankruptcy, or find your self in Consume Proposal you owe it to yourself to seek help because it is available!

Elfie Hayes as seen on the CTV National News, Rogers TV, published in RENO & Décor Magazine and profiled in Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine.

If you’re discharged from a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal, you’ve paid your dues, it’s time to let “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” help you get approved for a mortgage and get the home you deserve! We’re here to help!  Contact us now.


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