Credit Problems?

A Mortgage Intelligence Professional Can Help

For individuals who have had credit problems, shopping for a mortgage on one’s own has traditionally been a challenge.  It used to be that those with “bruised credit” could only obtain a mortgage with a significant down payment along with double digit interest rates and significant fees.

Today’s mortgage market provides many opportunities for borrowers with a poor credit history, and a Mortgage Intelligence mortgage professional can advise you on a wide range of home finance options now available.  He or she has access to lenders who offer mortgages to people with credit issues.

These mortgage products allow borrowers to get access to funds today and after a period of time when their credit issues are behind them, they can move to the prime lenders with better rates and terms.

A Mortgage Intelligence mortgage professional will look at your individual circumstances and find financing that fits your needs.

Tired of being turned down when you need a mortgage?  Why not let “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” offer their experience and resources to help you?  Mortgages are our only business! Contact one of our helpful agents today!

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