Avoid More Debt! Simple Tips To Help You!

With the growing concerns of Canadians accumulating too much debt we found some tips to help you stay out of financial difficulty. The site we found is a Government Of Ontario site and the tips are in line with many of the ideas we shared in our “Get Control Of Your Debt Series” in January.

Link to Videos from YouTube:   This will give us strong link backs
1 Get All Your Bills Together

2 Create A Budget

3 Generate A Little Bit More Income

4 Only Use Cash, No Credit Cards

5 Plan For Major Expenses

6. Don’t Wait Until Your Credit Is Impaired

Bad Credit is like a cold, it can be treated and before you know it your credit score will be better.  Think of “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” as your “Good Credit” health care providers! Call us today feel better soon.  Contact us right now!


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