Credit Cards… What Not To Do!

With Canadians using their credit cards more and more in today’s society there has also been an increase in fraudulent transactions. We found an article that has 5 things you should be cautious of when using your credit cards that we feel will benefit everyone who reads this article.

These tips include;

  • Don’t lend it to anyone
  • Don’t share your PIN number
  • Never let the card out of your sight
  • Do not send card information over e-mail or text messages
  • Do not give card information over the phone

When a situation is not understood a solutions can’t be reached. “Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor” understands how to deal with less than perfect credit.  Let us help you get a mortgage approval when others fail to help. We have the power of Mortgage Intelligence behind us! We also have the experience to use it! Contact us now!


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