The Durham Region Home Builders Association!

In October the new Board of directors of the Durham Region Home Builders Association was announced.  It is with great pleasure that Elfie has renewed her commitment to the association.

Last year Elfie was a Director and sat on the Membership and Promotion committees. She was instrumental in helping to revamp the DRHBA website to include features that benefit the members.

The New DRHBA blog was also created with her help. Now members have even more benefits when they belong to the professional group that is responsible for building the homes and communities that the residents of Durham call “Home”.

This year promises to bring new opportunities to build the association even further. In 2011 Renomark was given a higher profile within the organization and this year with the help of a separate committee Renomark should be at the forefront of all those who have made professional renovation their career.

Mortgage Intelligence one of Oshawa’s largest Mortgage Brokers will be joining Renomark to offer their new consumer loans, designed to help finance renovations along with their low rate mortgage solutions that have become the mainstay of the business.

Visit the site of the Durham Region Home Builders Association.


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