Rent to Own

The Mortgage Doctor Rent to Own Gains Popularity For many folks who have seen difficult financial times during the recession, the Rent to Own option is a blessing.  If done correctly, it can be a way to move into a great house now while setting a portion of your rent aside as your down payment […]

Credit Scores

Your credit report can be broken down into 6 sections which include the following: Personal Information – your present and past addresses Inquiries – An inquiry is shown on your credit report every time you apply for a loan or open a bank account. The more inquiries, the worse your credit profile. Try to keep […]

Bruised or Bad Credit

The Mortgage Doctor Living with debt or bad credit can be very stressful Help is closer than you realize. Improving your credit rating requires that you take positive action and change your attitude toward money. Follow these steps and be on the road to debt recovery. Request a copy of your credit report from a […]


The Mortgage Doctor The concept behind Bankruptcy in Canada is this: You assign (surrender) everything you own to a trustee in bankruptcy in exchange for the elimination of your debts. Through bankruptcy, a person hopelessly burdened with debt gets a chance to start fresh. Personal bankruptcy is a legal process, governed by federal law (the […]

Consumer Proposal

The Mortgage Doctor Consumer proposal may be right for you if: * Having trouble paying all your bills, even though you have a good job? * Thinking about filing bankruptcy, but not really wanting to? * Simply looking for more information about ways to deal with your debt? A Consumer Proposal is suitable if: You […]

Rebuild Your Credit

The Mortgage Doctor Rebuild Your Credit after Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal It’s difficult enough going through a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal, but believing that it takes 7 yrs before you can become credit worthy is not true. There are guidelines that need to be followed but you could re-enter the credit market within days of […]