One More Reason To Use A Mortgage Broker

 Credit Unions offer better service than Banks according to survey!

Mortgage Brokers have relationships with Credit Unions and we can shop them to get the best rate for you. This is important in light of a new survey that shows Credit Unions deliver better service than the Banks.

The result are in according to an excerpt from an article by Nestor Arellano of CMP magazine

Nestor is quoted as having said:   

“Canada’s credit unions (an aggregate of individual credit unions across the country) bagged the Ipsos Reid 2012 Best Banking Award for overall customer service excellence, beating out the much bigger banks.

The strong confidence vote for credit unions came at the heels of another survey which suggested that customer satisfaction with the Big Five is once more on the decline”.

When it comes time to shop for a Mortgage, don’t you owe it to yourself to contact a Mortgage Broker and get access to Ontario’s Credit Unions?? Contact us today! 866-452-1100 or apply online today here on the site.


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