When is a Mortgage Broker not a Mortgage Broker?

Apparently some “Road Warriors” for an undisclosed Bank think you can just call yourself a Mortgage Broker even though you are not one!!!

A Mortgage Broker is a licensed designation, but some Bank employees are now calling them selves Mortgage Brokers because they say its “easier” for the public to understand what they do than saying they work for a Bank as an employee selling mortgages.

It’s a little like a law clerk saying it’s just easier to say  “I’m a Lawyer” than explaining their actual role to a client.

I want you to know that when you call my office you speak to a group of Licensed Mortgage Agents working for Mortgage Intelligence, “The Broker”.  We are full time professionals with accreditation’s to help you find the best possible mortgage options from over 50 National and Private Lenders.

We DO NOT work for a Bank or for that matter any Lender, we work for you and we do so to bring you a true choice and share our knowledge and experience with you.

A Mortgage Agent working for a Broker has their own Licensing number on their business card. DON’T BE FOOLED!

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