GTA or Hamilton Rent To Own Refinance

Drowning in Debt?

If you live in the GTA or Hamilton and have too much debt to refinance under the new Mortgage guide lines, you need to contact my office. We have an investor willing to offer you a Rent to Own Refinance.  Realtors if you have a client that wants to clear up debt but does not want to move, contact us.  Mortgage Brokers do you have clients that don’t qualify for a refinance under the new Mortgage guidelines, if so contact us!

What does that mean?

Rent To Own Refinance Program

1. Investor buys your home at fair market value.

2.The proceeds of the sale erase your burden of debt.

3. Investor rents your home back to you, for a 3-5 year term.

4. We help you repair your credit. Your family lives there as if you still owned it.

5.When you’re ready for your own mortgage again, the investor sells your home back to you, at an agreed-to price.

6.Your family gains from any increase in the value of your home, at the end of the term.

It’s that simple!

This is a way to pay off debts and not have to leave the home you love!   Under the new re-finance rules that came into effect in July of 2012 you can only refinance to 80% of the value.  Rent to Own Refinance has more flexibility.

Use the form below to contact us if you think Rent To Own Refinance may be for you!


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