3 Secrets to Rebuild Credit the Day After Discharge!

Did you know that you can start to rebuild your credit the day after discharge and that you do not have to wait until your bankruptcy or consumer proposal is off your credit bureau to start?

Refinance Your Consumer Proposal After 1Year!

Are You In Consumer Proposal If you are in the midst of a Consumer Proposal,  there is a way to shorten the time required to pay it out and begin building your credit again. Mortgage Intelligence has several Lenders that will offer you a mortgage if you are in a Consumer Proposal and have paid […]

What Does it Mean to be Bankrupt in Canada?

Bankruptcy is a legal process under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in Canada. Your Tustee will act to help relive you of your debts and deal with your creditors. Once discharged yo can begin to re-build your credit right away. Ask the mortgage Doctor how?

Oshawa 4 Bedroom Rent to Own

This home has become available due to a transfer that the current  Rent To Own Tenant has taken. If you have a down payment of about $7000 saved and your family income is $80,000 or over, and you have not quite got your credit back up to where it needs to be to make home […]