Oshawa 4 Bedroom Rent to Own

This home has become available due to a transfer that the current  Rent To Own Tenant has taken.

If you have a down payment of about $7000 saved and your family income is $80,000 or over, and you have not quite got your credit back up to where it needs to be to make home purchase, you must call me today!

This beautiful 4 bedroom home on Central Park Blvd, one of Oshawa’s fine older areas.


v  Recently renovated home that retains its original character

v  Detached, all brick, hardwood floor

v  Updated kitchen with stainless appliances

Carries for $1800 per month

v  4 bedrooms

v  1 ½ bathrooms

v  Fireplace and  A/C

v  Great local schools

v  New roof and driveway plus more…

Walking distance to the new COSTCO Center located on Riston Rd N in Oshawa.

Monthly payment of $1775 – $1825 (includes $320-$350 each and every month accumulated toward your future down payment)

At the end of your 1, 2 or 3 year term you will have accumulated, the full 5% down payment,                                                                                                                             required to qualify for your own mortgage.

Live in the home you want while you save for the down payment. Call Today if you want to be a home owner for February 1st!

Use the handy form below to tell us you want more information!


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