Identity Theft!

Identity theft is the fastest growing and most serious non-violent crime in North America.

The perpetrator can be anyone from petty criminals to international crime syndicates and terrorist organizations seeking to elude watch-lists and stay one step ahead of law enforcement.


Identity theft and fraud include a range of crimes such as credit card information theft, financial and personal document theft, and data breaches to name a few. Thieves strike indiscriminately, leaving individuals, businesses, governments and organizations of all sizes vulnerable to their attacks.

The impact on victims can be devastating – impacting their personal finances, credit ratings, criminal records and worse. Far too often, victims are left without the appropriate institutional support and have to try on their own to navigate the complex maze of redress options.

The impact on organizations and the private sector is equally destructive, dramatically affecting customers and client trust, increasing corporate liability, ruining reputations and significantly affecting the bottom line.

• $7.2B Identity theft in Canada in 2008 cost 7.2 Billion Dollars

• Approximately 2.25 million people in Canada or 9.1% of all Canadians were affected in 2008

• 75% of Canadians say that they are concerned about becoming victims of identity theft/ fraud

Identity Theft Victim Support

Protect Your Identity

Victim Tool-kit


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