Top 10 Resolutions to Improve Credit!

Your Top 10  Resolutions to

Improve Credit

Doug Melville, Canada’s Obudsman for Banking Services pointed out that the following tips might seem obvious. But everyone who wants to maintain or

improve credit

should be aware that they are in control of their own money.


I have posted the actual tips in the blog so you can

improve credit

but encourage you to read the full article to gain insight into why each of them is valuable.  During and just after a recession knowing how to make the most of your money is even more important than when things are Rosey!

  1. Read what you sign
  2. Ask questions
  3. Keep records
  4. Save
  5. Review your accounts statements
  6. Protect your personal information
  7. Plan
  8. Make a will
  9. Make a Power of Attorney
  10. Speak up

Enjoy the full article from Canadian Mortgage Professional

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