Overwhelmed By Debt?

Canadians are carrying the highest debts loads in history.

There are solutions and today we are sharing a video prepared by A Farber and Associates.

Viewing the video will give you  a sense of whether you can benefit from a Consumer Proposal rather than having to file for Bankruptcy.

Consumer Proposal is quite different from Bankruptcy and it allows you to keep your assets. The home being the most important one!

Find out if a Consumer Proposal is right for you. Then contact a Trustee In Bankruptcy. Here in Durham Region we often refer client to A. Farber and Associates for help in not only managing the debt but also restoring your credit.

Our Team at Mortgage Intelligence we can also help you rebuild your credit after Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. We even have mortgages that allow you to pay out your proposal early if you have enough equity. Talk to us if you are in proposal and want to pay it out early using home equity or if  you need a mortgage after Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal


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