Is An Error Destroying Your Credit?

Your Credit Could Be Destroyed By A Simple Error!

As an experienced Mortgage Agent I have seen many different Credit reports.  There have been times when a client has come to us to be pre-approved and there is incorrect information on their file.   Until it is repaired, they cannot go forward with a mortgage.

The errors can come in the way of:

  • A collection that is not yours
  • An account that is paid but shows it is in arrears
  • Someone else’s information on your bureau.   credit repair

Whatever the case may be there is usually a way to fix it.

First you must collect all the documentation to prove that your credit is clean.

Then have your proof of identity ready to share with the Credit Bureau.

Contact them with the information and give a full explanation of the error and why you believe it should be corrected.

It can take time to make a correction but it can be done.  If you are in the process of trying to  obtain a mortgage and it becomes clear that there is an error on your credit bureau w are ready to help you clear it up and get the mortgage that you want.

Here at Durham Region Mortgage Doctor, we’re available to offer you great mortgage solutions even if you have a credit issue.  Shouldn’t you call us so you can buy or refinance your home today?

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