Bad Credit

If you’ve had a Bankruptcy or are in Consumer Proposal we may be able to help you with a Mortgage. You can be assured you will be treated with respect and the best possible solutions will be offered to you. As an experienced Mortgage office, we have the resources to bring you mortgage options from a variety of Sub-prime and Private sources.

You may even find that with our experience we may be able to offer mortgages from lenders normally considered to lend to clean credit only. If you’re frustrated talking to people who just say “NO”, you owe it to yourself to speak to us. All consultations are free of cost to you. Some mortgage solutions require fees to a lender and may also require broker fees, but you will find us to be fair where ever fees are involved and we will disclose fees to you up front!

We have the lenders, the experience and knowledge to take a file to  approval.  When others have all said “NO” talk to us!


We love dealing with The Mortgage Doctors!  We wouldn’t consider going to a bank again.  They em-powered us.  Banks don’t think outside the box, and their rules are etched in stone. When we first dealt with them, rates were dropping we wanted a better rate for our mortgage, but the Bank said NO!.  We spoke to the Mortgage Doctors, and their attitude was “What can we do for YOU”?  We hardly knew them but they was willing to help us. We wondered why our own Bank wouldn’t help.

We have referred The Mortgage Doctors ever since. We weren’t judged, they simply advised us and worked with us. We’re in great financial shape now. Their willingness to help made all the difference to our situation!

Geoff and Brenda U. Oshawa, Ontario.

More Canadians choose Mortgage Intelligence when buying, refinancing or renewing a first or second Mortgage!

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