3 Secrets to Rebuild Credit the Day After Discharge!

Did you know that you can start to rebuild your credit the day after discharge and that you do not have to wait until your bankruptcy or consumer proposal is off your credit bureau to start?

What Does it Mean to be Bankrupt in Canada?

Bankruptcy is a legal process under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in Canada. Your Tustee will act to help relive you of your debts and deal with your creditors. Once discharged yo can begin to re-build your credit right away. Ask the mortgage Doctor how?

Oshawa, Rent To Own Refinance Opportunity

Drowning in Debt? Avoid Bankruptcy or Proposal! If you live in the Durham Region or Oshawa specifically and have too much debt to refinance under the new Mortgage guide lines, you need to contact my office. We have an investor willing to offer you a Rent to Own Refinance.  Realtors if you have a client […]

Trustee vs. Credit Counselor

Which Is Best For Your Situation? I have found that A Farber & Partners offers respectful solutions to debt problems and they have a very good article on their site to explain why a Trustee may be a greater benefit to you than a Credit Counselor. Visit the site to view the full article. Book […]