Give Yourself Some Credit

When your mortgage application is being considered, your lender will look at your credit habits: do you pay your bills on time? Do you tend to get over-extended on your credit card? These habits are reflected in your credit rating. In order for your lender to assess your borrowing profile, you’ll need two revolving sources […]


Refinance Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposal lets you pay out all your debts at reduced amounts over a set period. Is is different from Bankrupty. The Consumer Proposal does not eliminate support or alimony student loans or your house and car payment. It can be a good solutions for some.

3 Secrets to Rebuild Your Credit the Day After Bankruptcy Discharge!

3 secrets to rebuilding bad credit the day after discharge from Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. Let you Durham Region Mortgage Doctor show you how.


Consumer Proposals on the Rise!

Consumer Proposals have increased as the ability to Re-finance has been eliminated! According to the recent stats from Industry Canada the number of Consumer Proposals in Canada were up 4.4% from the previous year. With the new mortgage refinance guidelines which only allow a person to refinance their mortgage up to a maximum of 80% […]


Rebuild Bad Credit

Rebuild  Your Credit the day after Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal! With the help of a few good lenders who see value in helping people rebuild their credit, you can qualify for a mortgage 2-3 years after discharge from a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. Under today’s stricter lending guidelines you need both re-established Credit Cards and […]


Bankruptcy Myth #1

You must wait 7 years to get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy. Wrong! View my informative video and find out just what is required to get a mortgage after Bankruptcy, and Consumer Proposal for that matter. The rules are the same for both. Advertisements