Re-establish Credit After Bankruptcy!

Home Trust offers Secured Visa cards up to $10,000 if you have had a Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, or just bad credit. Your security deposit determines your credit limit. The Secured Visa reports to Equifax to help rebuild your poor credit.

Rent to Own While Repairing Your Credit Gains Popularity

During tough economic times rent to own can be a good option if you need a house but can’t get a mortgage. You can Buy under an Agreement For Sale, Move in and pay rent while fixing your bad credit. Investors like Rent to Own.
Ask us why!

Capital One Secured Master Cards! Get Cash Back for Gas & Groceries Too!

Capitol One helps those who have suffered bad credit in the past. Apply on line to re-build your credit rating now. You are guaranteed an approval. Choose from Cash Back cards, Low Rate cards,even New to Canada Credit card approvals.

Need to Re-establish Credit? Want to Consolidate High Interest Debts?

Home Trust has Equity Line Visa to provide you with a secured second mortgage at a low rate of interest (On approved Credit). If you are staring a Business it can provide start-up costs from your home equity, even though you can’t prove how much you earn! The Home Trust Equity Line Visa reports to Equifax to help rebuild your bad credit too.