Give Yourself Some Credit

When your mortgage application is being considered, your lender will look at your credit habits: do you pay your bills on time? Do you tend to get over-extended on your credit card? These habits are reflected in your credit rating. In order for your lender to assess your borrowing profile, you’ll need two revolving sources […]

“Good Debt” and “Bad Debt.” What’s the difference?

There is a real difference between good debt and bad debt! When you borrow money to make a purchase that will last and has value it would be considered “good debt”. Two examples would be borrowing money for a mortgage, something that builds equity as the years go by or contributing to your RRSP. All […]

Improving Your Credit

Five tips for improving your credit. In this day and age with consumer debt running sky high it’s important to know how to keep a clean credit score. The truth is its not that hard, provided you aren’t using credit to support a lifestyle that isn’t affordable. With the following tips you can achieve a […]

Can I choose the house if I am considering a Rent-to-Own?

Rent-to-Own Video #7 We are pleased to present a series of Rent to Own videos. Elfie Hayes of Mortgage Intelligence interviews Andrew MacDonald of Ownership Solutions to answer the most asked questions about Rent to Own. If you have bad credit but still want to own a home Rent to Own may be right for […]