The Mortgage Doctors Are In!

Meet The Mortgage Doctors

Serving Canadians across the country since 2007!

David Hetti

David Hetti

 David Hetti Mortgage Agent FSCO Lic M08002434

David Hetti the Team Leader at Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa as well as a full time Mortgage Agent. He is a seasoned veteran of the mortgage industry. David has aligned himself with an array of Mortgage Lenders that understand that not all credit is perfect. This provides clients with the maximum number of solutions when they need a mortgage. David is dedicated to making sure that clients who wish to rebuild their credit receive the guidance that will help them get back on their financial feet. If you are struggling with too much credit, Apply on line today and  start breathing easier. Call David today 1-866-452-1100

kelly Kozar

Kelly Kozar

Kelly Kozar Mortgage Agent FSCO Lic Mo8001409

Kelly Kozar is a Mortgage Agent at Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa. Kelly’s responsibility is to review all files and determine the correct lender for approval. Whether you have bad credit or good, need investment or commercial financing, are starting a business or wish to grow one, Mortgage Intelligence has your solution. It’s a simple philosophy. “We give people what they need, never judging their situation, let them save time with state-of-the-art technology to deliver it and treat every customer like they’re the only one,” notes Kelly.


Jacalyn Cook

Jacalyn Cook

 Jacalyn Cook Mortgage Agent FSCO Lic MI0002263

Jacalyn Cook is the administrative assistant to Kelly Kozar. Once a mortgage has been approved, Jacalyn is in contact with the client to help them provide the support documents that all Lenders require to complete a mortgage.   Jacalyn is also the compliance officer for our Mortgage Intelligence office. She assures that all mortgages are completed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.



More Canadians choose Mortgage Intelligence when buying, refinancing or renewing a first or second Mortgage!  Visit our site to find out why!

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