What Does it Mean to be Bankrupt in Canada?

Bankruptcy is a legal process under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in Canada. Your Tustee will act to help relive you of your debts and deal with your creditors. Once discharged yo can begin to re-build your credit right away. Ask the mortgage Doctor how?

Credit Problems?

Traditionally if you have ever had bad or poor credit it would be very challenging for you to obtain a mortgage with a great interest rate. In today’s mortgage market it has changed and now there are many opportunities for borrowers with a poor credit history. When you contact a Mortgage Intelligence mortgage professional they will be able to help you get a great rate.

Capital One Secured Master Cards! Get Cash Back for Gas & Groceries Too!

Capitol One helps those who have suffered bad credit in the past. Apply on line to re-build your credit rating now. You are guaranteed an approval. Choose from Cash Back cards, Low Rate cards,even New to Canada Credit card approvals.

How do I read my Credit Report? Your Credit Report Explained!

Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor team of Licensed Agents, share their knowledge of Equifax and Trans Union credit bureaus to help you fix your bad credit. They are your “Good Credit” health care providers in Oshawa, Whibty, Ajax, Pickering and the GTA.

Mortgage Requirements Post Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal!

Borrowing with 5% down through CMHC and Genworth after Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. In Canada you must be discharged at least 2 yrs and have clean re-established credit to buy a home. Rules for Self Employed borrowers are different since the new Government rules came into effect in Ontario.

Let The Mortgage Doctor Give You the Credit You Deserve!

Late payments due to a lot of high interest rate debt can cause poor credit! Are you behind in your payments because of job loss, illness or divorce? The Durham Region Mortgage Doctor has mortgage resources to give you the credit you deserve!