Minor Credit Setbacks Can Lead to Bankruptcy! Let the Mortgage Dr. Help You!

Helping people to get back on their feet after a financial crisis is what we do well. At Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa we have the power of Mortgage Intelligence and all our resources to help rebuild bad credit and offer low rate mortgage solutions.

The Durham Region Mortgage Doctor Tells You Which Assets You Keep in a Bankruptcy!

Ontario Bankruptcy exemptions include Clothing, Household goods, tools of the trade, motor vehicle and some RRSp, RRifs and Deferred Profit sharing depending on the province you live in.

What Does it Mean to be Bankrupt in Canada?

Bankruptcy is a legal process under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in Canada. Your Tustee will act to help relive you of your debts and deal with your creditors. Once discharged yo can begin to re-build your credit right away. Ask the mortgage Doctor how?

Mortgage Requirements Post Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal!

Borrowing with 5% down through CMHC and Genworth after Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. In Canada you must be discharged at least 2 yrs and have clean re-established credit to buy a home. Rules for Self Employed borrowers are different since the new Government rules came into effect in Ontario.

Let The Mortgage Doctor Give You the Credit You Deserve!

Late payments due to a lot of high interest rate debt can cause poor credit! Are you behind in your payments because of job loss, illness or divorce? The Durham Region Mortgage Doctor has mortgage resources to give you the credit you deserve!

Need to Re-establish Credit? Want to Consolidate High Interest Debts?

Home Trust has Equity Line Visa to provide you with a secured second mortgage at a low rate of interest (On approved Credit). If you are staring a Business it can provide start-up costs from your home equity, even though you can’t prove how much you earn! The Home Trust Equity Line Visa reports to Equifax to help rebuild your bad credit too.