Be Debt Free in One Year or Less!

The first step to becoming debt free is to know how much debt you actually have. Next you want to pay off the debts with the highest interest rates first. Try to pay more than the minimum payments if at all possible, create a budget and try to stick to it as best as possible. Is it an option to consider a part time job to help bring in some more income. Sell any items that you know longer use that are just taking up space but could be of use to someone else. Try to live without luxuries like eat in as much as possible and spend quality family time at home instead of always going out and spending money at different events. You may also want to consider a debt consolidation.

Capital One Secured Master Cards! Get Cash Back for Gas & Groceries Too!

Capitol One helps those who have suffered bad credit in the past. Apply on line to re-build your credit rating now. You are guaranteed an approval. Choose from Cash Back cards, Low Rate cards,even New to Canada Credit card approvals.

How do I read my Credit Report? Your Credit Report Explained!

Your Durham Region Mortgage Doctor team of Licensed Agents, share their knowledge of Equifax and Trans Union credit bureaus to help you fix your bad credit. They are your “Good Credit” health care providers in Oshawa, Whibty, Ajax, Pickering and the GTA.

Student Loans and Bankruptcy!

As post secondary education costs have increased a lot over the last 20 years more and more students are taking out student loans to pay for their education. As the economy is still trying to get back on track it is becoming harder and harder for recent graduates to find a job right out of college/university and they have no way to pay their student loans off. There are three options you can consider that may help your situation.

Bankruptcy and my House!

When filing for Bankruptcy depending on your situation you may be able to keep your house out of the bankruptcy if you are able to afford the carrying costs of the house. If you are unable to carry the house it might be a good idea to include it in your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is sometimes your last option when there is no other way out but you may also want to consider consumer proposal as an option before bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy trustee and you can go over all your best options in order to find the right solution for you.